Armin Buchterkirch, watercolor, 4 3/4 by 6 3/4 inches. Signed lower right. 

After the Ponce de Leon Hotel opened in St. Augustine in 1888, Florida began attracting artists for the winter season. Many bypassed St. Augustine for a quieter scene. Armin Buchterkirch, who taught life classes at his studio at No, 87 Arcadia in Rochester, New York, was one of them. A lifelong member of the Rochester Art Club, Buchterkirch and his wife Harriet, spent their summers in Rochester and winters in Florida, the Bahamas, and California. The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, December 22, 1893, under Purely Personal, noted, “Armin Buchterkirch, the artist, will start for Florida immediately after Christmas.”  And the following year the paper noted, on December 27, 1894, “Armin Buchterkirch will leave this city today for Florida, where he will spend the winter.” The Daytona Gazette-News, welcomed Buchterkirch on March 9, 1901, with, “Armin Buchterkirch, the well know artist of Rochester, is again greeting his Daytona Friends. Mr. Buchterkirch has been at Nassau the past few months and arrived in Daytona Friday of last week.”

Armin Buchterkirch, watercolor, St. Augustine, 12 1/4 by 9 1/2 inches. Sighed lower left. 

Armin Buchterkirch, watercolor, 9 1/2 by 7 1/4 inches. Sighed lower right. 

Born: Corning, New York. Died: February 28, 1919, Rochester, New York. Education: Lithography in New York: Art in Munich and other European cities. Membership: Rochester Art Club; The Turnverein, a German American social and educational club, where Buchterkirch taught painting. Exhibits: Rochester Art Club annual exhibit, June 1887, A Quiet Cove; Rochester Art Club annual, June 1890, Irondequoit River; Rochester Art Club annual, May 1891, portraits; Rochester Art Club annual, May 1892, 9 paintings including, a watercolor, sepia, A Rather Fresh Egg; Rochester Art Club, 19th annual, March 1901; Rochester Art Club annual, May 1908; Free exhibition of paintings by Armin Buchterkirch, Cornwall building, 156 Main St, east, November 3-16, 1909, 9:30 am to 10 pm; Rochester Art Club, September 1911, A Village Lane.

Armin Buchterkirch, watercolor, 5 by 7 inches. Signed lower right.


Armin Buchterkirch, watercolor, 11 by 19 inches. Signed lower left.

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