Ethel Hawkins McCarthy, Fatio House, oil on canvas, 16 by 19.75 inches. Identification tag on verso from St. Augustine Art Association with title.

Educated at the New England Conservatory of Music, Ethel McCarty was teaching reading, singing, and dancing at the Hawkins Stage School in Springfield, Vermont before coming to St. Augustine in 1950 as a year-round resident, specializing in marine paintings and landscapes.

Died: January 21, 1969, St. Augustine. Education: Emerson College of Oratory; New England Conservatory of Music. Membership: St. Augustine Art Association; Artists Guild of St. Augustine; Florida Federation of Art. Exhibits: March of Dimes, Outdoor Exhibit, St. Augustine Plaza, February 1953; St. Augustine Art Association, February 1955, Seascape; SAAA, March 1955; SAAA, Exchange Bank of St. Augustine, February 1956, St. Johns River Swampland; Artists’ Guild of St. Augustine, farewell exhibit, January 1957.

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