Madam Zikmund, St. Petersburg, oil on board, 16 by 20 inches, signed lower right. 

Petrenella Zikmund, or Madam Zikmund, worked in St. Petersburg from 1939 to 1941. She advertised in the St. Petersburg Times, offering, “to teach you to paint landscapes in 10 lessons or no cost. All lessons are private.” Madam Zikmund taught her classes at the Robert Lewis Galleries on Central Avenue and all her painting were sold there. Lewis Galleries, “Art, Rare and Grand, from Every Land,” placed frequent display advertisements in the Times, noting, “Madam Zikmund, The Celebrated Young Bohemian Artist…has received 25 first and second prizes for her rare paintings, in many parts of the county…. Will be at Treasure-Land with her brushes and oils painting before your own eye’s, rare subjects…Florida Scenes of tropic grandeur, within a few minutes she will paint any chosen Landscape, Flowers, Birds, Animal or will copy whatever subject you may desire…for ONLY ONE DOLLAR, Madam Zikmund will do a Genuine Oil Painting, 12 by 16 inches, your choice of subject.” Exhibits: Robert Lewis Art Galleries, The World-Famous Wonder-Land Treasure-Land, Central Avenue and 4th Street, St. Petersburg, 1939-1941.


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