Stanley Escudero, Florida Panther, oil on canvas, 30 by 36 inches. Signed lower right. 

The Orlando Sentinel, August 24, 1958, called Stanley Escudero “New Smyrna’s Painting Policeman.” In 1928 Escudero’s health caused him to leave a career as a commercial artist in New York for the sunshine at New Smyrna Beach. He joined the New Smyrna Police Force in 1945 and worked there as an officer until 1958. The Sentinel continued: “His paintings are bold…perhaps even brash. He chooses a wide verity of subjects but seems drawn to animals perhaps because of his love of hunting and his familiarity with woodland scenes. Yet one of his most striking canvases is that of a woman, a seminude he calls Laura. Is she one of his own three wives? Escudero is a popular painter. Many of his canvases hang in the best homes in Volusia County. He has painted more than 300 pictures in his lifetime, has sold many and has won many prizes. He was one of the first members of the Daytona Beach Art League and the past four years he has won first and second prizes at the Volusia County Art Exhibits at Stetson.”

Stanley Escudero, oil on canvas board, 24 by 36 inches. Signed lower right, Escudero.

Membership: Daytona Beach Art League; Volusia County Artists; Titusville Art League. Exhibits: First Art Salon, Yowell-Drew Department Store, Beach Street, Daytona Beach, February 9-16, 1932; Volusia County Artists, Stetson University, Elizabeth Hall, December 1953, second place popular prize for Zephyrs;  Volusia County Artist, Elizabeth Hall, Stetson University, November 1955, honorable mention, animal composition, Beauty; Volusia County Artists, Stetson University 7th Annual, May 1956, popular award first; Volusia County Artists, 8th Annual, Stetson University, Elizabeth Hall Art Gallery, December 1956, first in popular award and second place, oil painting for, The Labor Day Hurricane.

Stanley Escudero, seascape, oil on board, 54 by 78 inches. Signed lower left, Stanley-Escudero.






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