Frank Moore Jeffrey, Palm Beach. On the Palm Beach Ferry-Boat, oil on board, 8 by 9 inches. Inscribed lower right, On the Ferryboat Palm Beach.

An amateur artist from New York and later Ocean Grove, New Jersey, Frank Moore Jeffrey was publicity director for the Palm Beach County Art club in the early 1920’s, well before the club changed its name to the Palm Beach Art League in 1927. Jeffrey was a talented businessman, singer and artist. The Daily Record, Long Branch, New Jersey, January 21, 1942, noted his death: “The late Frank Moore Jeffrey, Ocean Grove, who died Jan. 6, directed in his last will…that there be inscribed on his tombstone. ‘Christian with a Child Like Faith, Frank Moore Jefferey, Farmer, Printer, Manufacturer, Banker, Musician, Writer, Painter, son of Edwin Avery and Mary Fletcher Lee 1875.’” Membership: Florida Federation of Art; Palm Beach County art club. (1918-1927); Palm Beach Art League. Exhibits: Palm Beach Art Club, at Woman’s Club, March 1924, Florida Beach and Palm Garden; Florida Federation of Art, Annual Circuit, 1929, Old Nuremberg in Lilac Time; Florida Federation of Art, 1931, Tower and Bridge of Old Nuremberg in Lilac Time; Palm Beach Art League, annual, March 1935; Palm Beach Art League, March 1938, A Gate in Pompeii, Umbrella Trees over Naples, a self-portrait, At the Piano.

The back of this painting an early typed note that reads, 


This was painted from a photograph taken prior to the year 1924, by Frank Moore Jeffery. The likenesses and expressions are quite remarkable considering the sketch. On the left, with fur-cape, Frances Campbell Jeffery, (Mrs. Frank Moore Jeffery). Next, Mrs. William N. Bament. Next, her daughter Helen Bament. 



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