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For years I have watched and admired Sam and Robie Vickers and their collection of Florida art.

When I moved back to Florida in 1980, I knew nothing about art in Florida. A year or two later I bought my first Florida painting by Sam Stoltz. In a pecky cypress frame, it depicted a flamingo and egret flying side by side over the Everglades. I hung It on a blank white wall in my condo on Pass a Grille. As my interest in Florida art grew, I began to hear from antique and art dealers about the Vickers and their collection of Florida art. One day I opened The Magazine Antiques and found an article reviewing the… Read more »

Artists of Old Florida, Hello Again

It’s been six years since I opened this website to introduce The Artists of Old Florida to the public. Two years ago, I was still working in the ER at Bay Pines VA Hospital in St. Petersburg, dividing my time between medicine and research on The Artists. Covid and the Pandemic came along and, at the age of 81, believing the risks to me in remaining in the ER were too great, I retired, telling my colleagues that now I could devote full time to The Artists of Old Florida. And that’s just what I’ve been doing, adding to a… Read more »


If there were two people, a married couple, in the history of Florida art that epitomized a life of romance and dedication to the highest principles of creative art, it was George Snow Hill and his wife Polly Knipp Hill. The couple, in my mind, represent the very essence of what living a life in art means. George was likely Florida’s finest muralist, Polly its most prolific and sensitive etcher of Florida and the American scene. Their work can easily be found on the internet. Polly had a definitive exhibit at the University of Georgia in 2012, twenty-three years after… Read more »